Paintball is a popular game for school groups, bachelor parties and companies, and of course for groups of friends. The adrenaline rushes in your veins when you run across the court looking for the flag, or when you lay hidden, aiming for the opponent.

You should be at least 6 people to have fun in paintball. It is important that as many as possible get the most playing time.

Paintball can also be played during the winter. We use winter ball intended for freezing temperatures, and it gives an extra kick to crawl around in the snow.



200 balls: NOK 450,- p.p.
400 balls: NOK 540,- p.p.
Bag of 500 extra balls: 450,-
200 balls: NOK 450,- p.P.
400 balls: NOK 595,- p.p.
Bag of 500 extra balls: 450,-

Requirements for participants:

  • Minimum Age 14 years
  • Not affected by alcohol or other drugs

You must bring:

  • Clothes of a fabric suitable for machine wash
  • Comfortable shoes for outdoor use

We provide:

  • Overalls, paintball markers, balls and protective gear
  • Guide(s) that controls the game
  • Thorough safety precautions
  • Coffee/tea before and after the game

Nice to know:

  • Choose from 200 balls and 400 balls per person.
  • Extra balls can be bought on site
  • Paintball is a game about not discussed as a ”war”, «battle» or similar. The “weapons” are described as markers and paint balls are called ball.
  • If you get stains on clothing or hair it disappears by washing (C 40 degrees for clothing)


6-10 people: about 0.5 – 1 hour
10-20 people: 1 hour
20-30 people: about 2 hours
30-45 people: about 2.5-3 hours